Hail That Healer!

The National Doctors’ Day is celebrated in India on July 1 to honor the legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. As long as people are being saved, the comparison is purely justified. Maybe the Doctor cannot save his patients in a flick unlike the Almighty but the point is he too can. Let us thank them who heal us against all bad health!

Dr. Devil

Should we honour the medical professionals on this Doctors’ day or boycott it altogether as a forbade to every corrupt doctor? It is obvious that every doctor has not succumbed to the temptation of profiteering in the medical world but where are they? Why don’t we hear about them? Even those indulging in private medical services tend to save lives but it is an act akin to an act of god. Is it justifiable the profession of healthcare to the fallen one?

Why manage anger..??

Anger is the enemy of sound mental health. It destroys the calmness of who possess it. It works on a principle very similar to one of the elementary laws we study in Physics, i.e. the Lenz’s Law as it always acts against the one who originates it. It can always spoil relationships and can even…