Category D


This program aims at motivating people to share what they have more than needed with less privileged people, respect individual dignity and spread happiness around them. The feeling of joy and goodness knows no limits. This is about caring for people around us and serving back the society for all good it has done to us.


This is basically a youth connect program which is performed periodically with the strong creative skills of our dedicated team of volunteers. We believe that such activities leave a lasting impression on the viewers’ minds and can steadily lead to significant positive impact on society. Updates about the program are shared on the website. This program also facilitates all the other programs.


Do you also feel disgusted when you look at untidy streets or undisposed garbage? Do you feel suffocated in the present environment full of pollution? If yes, hold your broom and join the team. The objective of “Clean and Green” program is to organize periodic cleanliness campaigns, aware people about hygiene, domestic waste management, and disposal, tree plantation drives, and encourage locals to participate in the teamwork. In addition to this, we also organize workshops on how and why one should keep one’s surroundings clean and green, setting an example so as to connect with more youth power. We also keep our audience posted here on the website with the updates regarding the program. Young volunteers are essentially encouraged to join the program. Cleanliness is Godliness!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Drawing its inspiration from the deep ancient Indian thought “त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा”, we do realize that resources are limited and that they must be utilized responsibly and that they are not to be exploited. Consumerism, that we find ourselves to be trapped in, has made us quite insensitive to nature and the resources provided by it. We understand that this mindset needs to be changed and growth should be defined in more appropriate words. With the increasing load of waste everywhere, people need to be enlightened about waste recycling and over that, creating new things from waste. We encourage innovative and optimal utilization of everything around us. We organize workshops to promote this thought among the public, especially the student community, for they can take it further the best with their brilliant ideas. Also, we share every story that is brought to us regarding this.


The innocence of a child should enjoy its being. Let us all come together to help the children who are less privileged by contributing our bit towards the cause. Teach one child and make the nation grow. If you can’t devote your time for any reason, you may please contact us to sponsor a child’s education.