Category C


There is a lot that we want to say to the people around us, but we cannot do that. We want to provide a platform here to all those who want to speak their mind about anything. Share with the world your proud moments, your light moments, your confessions, your real-life stories, your wishes and much more. Give your mind some free space and relax.


When growing in the teenage, children go through many hormonal changes which affect their body and mind, driving their thoughts and actions. They try to explore and discover about it with their peers and often get misled. This tender age needs to be taken care of very delicately. Many times children do not feel comfortable with sharing their feelings with their parents due to a communication gap or hesitation. Under this program, we try to help them by answering their queries if we can. Along with this, we try to provide them with a helpline number on social messengers or the contact of some counselor in their area, whichever is possible, so as to assist them with the issues they are facing.


The sexual orientation of the people is one of the least discussed issues in India. We do not talk about an issue that defines and shapes a major part of one’s being. This program is to let the word of awareness spread among the people about the different types of sexuality that exist, for we as a society cannot, in any way, ignore the sections that constitute it and contribute to it, for to have a healthy culture, we feel, it is important not to discriminate against anybody and not to deny their fundamental right to equality on the basis of their sexual preferences. Under this program, we try to share the stories and experiences of the people from LGBTQIA community by providing them with a platform to speak their heart out. Understanding the critical nature and sensitivity of the issue, we allow anonymous submissions for this program as well.


Seeing something wrong around you? Want to let the world know about it? Raise your voice under this program. We encourage you to report any wrongdoing you witness anywhere through this platform. We spread the word with all our might and make your voice heard.