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This program draws its inspiration from the ancient Indian concept of “आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः” which translates as “Let the noble thoughts reach us from all directions”. We welcome whatever good is happening around the world and what we can learn from others. While sharing the word, we make sure that we interpret it in a way that suits our home needs, for we firmly believe that it is as important to localize the knowledge acquired from everywhere as it is to mix and match to sustain ourselves in today’s globalized village.


There were our unsung heroes. They lived for us, they worked for us, they kept us united, they made us stand together, and they died for us. There are our unsung heroes. They help people, they bring positive change to the humankind, they inspire, they teach, they sacrifice, and they live right amongst us. This program focuses on appreciating the work of such heroes in all walks of life and sharing their stories on Samskriyā so that people can feel inspired by reading their virtuous deeds. This small effort is our humble tribute to the great women and men of the country whose glorious stories teach us the purpose of human life.


India has had a very rich heritage and a living vibrant culture of fine arts in all walks of life in each village and town. One finds the uniqueness of any art in the diversity of this land but, at the same time, it is a continuation of the journey of a well-woven social fabric that one experiences as one of the major unifying factors working on this vast land. The program Prākṛti is aimed at finding, documenting and promoting all such fine arts and artists who have been carrying a huge knowledge in their memory through generations, and also, presenting in a way which can be perceived properly in today’s global world while keeping its originality intact and making the young minds aware of their proud legacy. In addition to this, the program is also about exercising the fusion/adaptation/localization of other forms of all fine arts developed in the other regions of the world.


India, a land full of diversity! This is not just a country. This is an excellent mix of different peoples, languages, cultures, histories, geographies, races, philosophies, religions and so on. This program is simply to explore and celebrate India and the very thought of India. This is a series of posts that tell about the big metro cities, small lively towns, and soulful villages. This series attempts to reflect why, despite great diversities, India still stands as one people, acknowledging and respecting all the distinguished hues and shades with deep respect. We share here the forgotten or not much-known qualities of people, places, cuisines, arts, music, architecture and every other thing that shows a true picture of what and how India actually is. Also, we invite you to share such things from your experience. We would love to share that with the world.


We, at Samskriyā, firmly admire the sense of innovation. We encourage celebrating what we refer to as “Jugaad” in practice. A jugaad comes out of necessity. This, too, is a discovery, an invention, an effort to make lives of the concerned persons easier. Under this program, we invite and share such stories which narrate the instances of great aspirations turning into real life realities. We salute such small and big efforts and promote them.