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A series of inspirational and motivational messages to start your day with, Abhyudaya is to address the strengths and weaknesses of the youth today. This is about realizing the potential of the energy and open-mindedness of the youth, and how and why the young population – collectively and individually – matters to a nation and its reshaping. As responsible members of the society we live in, we should know our significant place in it and encourage the positive change.


A sound body keeps a sound mind! Under Dhyātavyam, we promote yoga and meditation. This program is conducted by the local chapters as it suits the members where they meet at a common place to practice yoga and meditation. To make it interesting, we preferably meditate with a common resolution so that the performers dedicate their full focus and concentration towards a common goal.


Language is not just a medium of communication. It carries a heritage of ages with it. It shapes the generations. It nurtures them like a mother. If we harm the language, it harms us on the double and that too without our knowing. Through the language flow in all the nascent energies that serve to develop us into an immortal full bloom lotus. Under this program, we want all the Indian languages to come together on one platform. We organize workshops to support the use of mother-tongue and also encourage people to translate the posts available on the website of Samskriyā into their regional languages. This serves the language and also lets us reach out to larger masses. Moreover, we invite you all to contribute to the dictionary of Indian words by adding the synonyms of your language to this collection. This is our humble effort to bring the Indian languages closer to each other. We plan to develop some small curricula with reference to this base of vocabulary in the near future to spread more awareness about the significant role of language in our daily lives.


We, in India, consider our constitution as the most sacred book, a book that defines our rights, a book that tells us how to govern ourselves, a book that was written to keep the diverse country intact as a nation of one people, a book that ensures our dignity as world citizens. But being a constitution, people find it very difficult to comprehend. With less understanding of the constitution, most people don’t know their rights and suffer a lot. We understand that it is important to explain the constitution to a layperson in lucid language so that the meaning and the message of the text is conveyed. This program involves a series of posts from a dedicated team who interprets and explains the constitution in a simpler language so as to let people know about their rights and encourage them to exercise those rights. The posts also comprise short case studies on how knowing about their rights has helped people. Some articles on the misuse of constitutional rights and acts are also published. This is linked with the program Sanchetanā too, for some creative videos are also posted to convey the message. Moreover, the series also focuses on the making of the world’s largest constitution so that people, especially the youngsters, get to know under what circumstances and how this great book of ours was framed, by ourselves, for us, the people.