About Us

The world was created not only biologically but also ethically and morally. While nature oversees biological needs on a daily basis- making us eat and drink and sleep regularly, the ethical side too must not be overlooked which is what we have done  in the blind race that we find ourselves in. We are caught up in the maze of mindless consumerism so much so that in the process we have lost touch with our real sublime being – the unadulterated pure soul that finds its highest radiance – of all animals on the planet – in the human being. The slime and dust sticking to our inner being is so thick that we cannot realize that we are our own lights, our own little candles, our own tiny suns that can guide us out of this murky jungle.

The word Samskriyā defines a process that helps us realize our true worth as human beings. It helps us do away with the slime and dust so that we can find our own candles and suns and may become accomplished, total, fulfilled and meaningful. India has been a powerhouse of moral values and total living throughout many millennia. The moral fabric of India has been so strong and ever-present that by virtue of this only could she withstand the onslaught of centuries of negative forces keeping the social and family values still intact.