Featured Artist – Nayanika Chatterjee

Featured artist today is Nayanika Chatterjee, whose expressions are not only her through paintings but also through their poetic captions.
Nayanika, in her words:
I am too many people in one body.
I am the little girl yearning for more time to read books at night.
I am the arrogant, rude, defensive teenager, who falls hopelessly in love with all of her brittle heart and then holds on to the razor-sharp edges, not carrying about the bleeding,  because, at least, there is something to hold on to.
I am the young,  successful corporate woman who can tell you the future of pharmaceuticals in five years and I am also the confused adult who doesn’t know what to cook for dinner.
I am the old woman who just wants to sit by the window and watch raindrops race each other.

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I am the darkness that dusk harbours,
I am also the glare of the firewood;
I am the silence of midnight,
I am also the cacophony of birds in the morning;
I am the zenith of numbness,
I am also the convergence of all senses;
I am undone.
I am overwhelming.
I am a havoc.
I am a becoming.

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