How Creating A Good Work Culture Is Important For Startups

A good office culture goes beyond the conventional organizational structure. And in startups, it plays a prominent role for it establishes the baselines for the working style and ethics within the organization. It has a significant influence on the attitudes and behaviours of organizational members. Let us briefly discuss what a work culture is about.

  • What is Work Culture?

In simple words, work culture is how things are done within the organization. It is a set of characteristics that an organization values and that distinguishes it from other organizations. It provides the organization and its members with directions to move forward and the keys to stability. It is about how individuals, as employees, perceive working together in the organization. Being a startup, it becomes more important to establish a healthy working culture as it makes employees gel up with each other well and then gets carried forward helping the organization as a whole to grow smooth.

  • How is Work Culture Important?

A work culture defines the organization to its employees. It develops a sense of identification in them that generates a certain kind of belongingness with the organization which, in turn, helps them affirming their commitment towards the common goal and facilitates the processes.

It is also a standard-setting tool that acts as a control mechanism which guides, shapes and controls the attitudes and behaviours of employees.

  • How is a Work Culture Created and Sustained?

For startups, creating a work culture actually is an ongoing process. The overall idea about it is first conceived by the founder of the organization, fulfilling the needs of which he builds his initial team to work with him. The team, now, are required to share the basic philosophy with the founder. Though the team members should be likeminded yet there should be a pinch of diversity. This diversity keeps the organization open to changes and does not let the very culture to be stagnant, thus helping it sustain the culture even when it expands with new people arriving in.

  • How should Work Culture Be?

The work culture in a startup should imbibe certain critical points:

  • The interactive atmosphere should be encouraged. It creates a less formal environment that eliminates unnecessary stress. Also, when individuals know each other well, a sense of mutual respect arises that keeps the team intact which is the most important thing for startups.
  • Predefined roles of the team members with a room to the interdependence that makes way to mutual cooperation and ensures that no work stops. For a startup, it is very much essential to behave on these lines.
  • Virtues like dedication, self-motivation and punctuality should be smelt in the air. This speeds up the work and makes sure that the deadline is met for the projects. Startups need a fast pace.
  • The common goal is reached when the growth of both the employees and the organization are taken care of with right balance. Meeting both these needs is a must for the success of a startup.

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