5 Points To Consider When Building Your Startup Team

Are you a new business?

Want to grow big?

Looking for ways for steady growth?

These are the questions which must be coming to your mind in order to make your startup grow at a fast, steady and smooth pace. This pace is directly proportional to the quality of human capital invested in the company. The Human Capital, for any startup, is the most significant asset and thus it is quite important to build the initial team as it sets the foundation directives for all the dimensions of the organization and its business. Let us briefly discuss the major 5 factors which should be taken into consideration when building your startup team.

  • Diversity with Expertise

Building an effective and efficient team is a challenge to any budding business. The team members should be masters of their own fields of work. When there is expertise, there is quality ensured. Diversity refers to a mix of people as there are different roles for every individual. Here the Correct Mix is what needs to be ensured. This correct mix refers to the fact there should be a designate with expertise in each of the major fields like finance, technology, human resource, sales and marketing, business development and public relations.

  • Clarity of Mission and Vision

While building the startup team you must be very careful while recruiting suitable candidates. Their mindsets should comply with what the organization and its business are all about. If not appropriately taken care of at the very first stage, it may lead to serious damage. While selecting a person into your startup team you should convince yourself about his attitude and mannerism whether it would suit the goal of your business. The mission and vision of the organization should be imparted into the new team members at the very initial stage of induction.

  • Work Culture

The startup team is responsible for what kind of work culture is developed inside the new organization which is carried forward by the newcomers. An ambience is created by the initial team that makes the complete working atmosphere for anybody who joins in later. As the human tendency is to show inertia against any changes to which it is habituated to, it becomes important to keep the working environment stress-free, workaholic, less formal and friendly. At a later stage, it adds to the reputation of the organization.

  • Specified Roles

Roles of each team member need to be well stated and pre-defined so that each person should feel responsible and accountable towards the work he is designated to do. This facilitates the processes and thus the performance. It helps a task to be completed within the time frame, again adding to the reputation of the organization in the market.

  • Interdependence and Correlation

Unlike big companies, there is less departmentalization in startups. Functions are not much independent from each other and an employee, at times, may be required to perform a job of different nature if it demands to do so. The interdependence and correlation of the roles should be clearly known to every individual and one should be flexible enough towards this as a team member.

All these things are taken into account while planning the startup business. As a budding business, it is advisable and appreciable to seek assistance for the purpose of team building from such experienced consultancy service providers. A holistic approach that covers all the points mentioned above should be followed while team building for a startup.

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