Samskriyā Launches Program “Prākṛti”

On 15th September 2019,  Samskriyā launched the Program “Prākṛti” for the artforms originated, developed and adapted in Bhārata at Unmukt Creativity Center, Bhubaneswar.

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The event started with the monthly Baithaka of the Program Sambhāshā by the Community Chapter, Samskriyā (Bhubaneswar) with Aryaman Chetas sharing the idea and the story of the beginning of Samskriyā in Jaipur seven years ago. The members of the community chapter and the new attendees shared their poetry/stories in Odia and Hindi.

In the second half of the event, the Program Prākṛti was officially launched with its first workshop on Madhubani for Beginners by Rhiti Chatterjee Bose, who introduced the program and taught the grammar of Madhubani art form. Two basic exercises were also done by the attendees who enjoyed the workshop a lot. With this, the community chapter of Prākṛti in Bhubaneswar was started.

In the end, a new program Tarangam of Samskriyā was also announced which would be launched in the coming fortnight. Sweta Mishra hosted the event. Unmukt Foundation gave the support for the venue.