Rise and Speak – Equality for LGBTQIA

Each and every individual in this world has a sexual orientation irrespective of how he or she is perceived by the society. All people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to enjoy and exercise their human rights. Across the globe, there remain many instances where an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity can lead them to face execution, imprisonment, torture, violence or discrimination. The range of abuse knows no limit and it contravenes the fundamental tenets of international human rights law.

When we compete with foreign countries, our level of competition only encompasses things which are acceptable by the society. We knowing or unknowingly neglect the problems which are rooted in our society, we neglect the choices of people who live with us. We ostracize them completely, instead of giving a hand to rise we give a push that makes them feel untouched, unprivileged and unwanted.

Talking about LGBTQIA, the NHIS (National Health Interview Survey) reported in July 2014 that 1.6 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent considered themselves bisexual. That means around 7 million Americans count for LGBTQIA, the stats may be more. When we come down to India the population is 1.22 billion out of which 2.5 million belong to LGBTQIA. These statistics are as per the government records.

We find that the majority of the population in the US is much more open-minded and accommodative than in any country. In India, the population of LGBTQIA community can be way more but people do not come out in the public because they fear that the society, and even their family, might disown them. What kind of society are we living in, considering a Member of LGBTQIA community as an offender, as if he or she has some communicable disease or has committed a crime? Can a person not have his or her sexual preference? People who even try to come out and avow about their choice are dragged to babas and are made to look down upon themselves and ultimately go into deep depression.

We shout, we protest for women empowerment. Do we ever shout or fight for the right of the people of this community who all have to face the denial of society? Sitting on cozy chairs we often neglect that people belonging to the LGBTQIA community are living a life of hatred and just what they need is their rights. People who consider this as a mental disease might soon also be blessed to have a newborn with this same preference. Neglecting, or looking away from facts and considering it to be a disease doesn’t solve it, it aggravates it more. Instead of abhorring them, give them a hand of trust. Treat them equal. There are families in India itself who have taken up this not as a problem but as a fact of truth to which they had to give time, love and care so that the coming life of the person doesn’t degrade. Today we need some introspection to make this country truly democratic in this regard.

May we be a thoughtful society! Wishing you a good time! 🙂

#RiseAndSpeak #EqualRights #RespectRainbow #LGBTQIA #NoDiscrimination

2 thoughts on “Rise and Speak – Equality for LGBTQIA

    • Yes Vinay, it is certainly not easy as it is said.. But I have taken this platform to enrich the minds of people, how can a change incept. Its just an idea, an advice to people who go to extreme ends to blemish people of the community. Its time for introspection, its time to treat everyone with equality considering the people also to be a creation of the God.


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