Samskriyā Launches Program “Kāmāyana”

On the first anniversary of the historic verdict given by the Supreme Court of India scrapping the inhuman section 377 from the constitution, Samskriyā launches the Program “Kāmāyana”.

The sexual orientation of the people is one of the least discussed issues in India. We do not talk about an issue that defines and shapes a major part of one’s being. This program is to let the word of awareness spread among the people about the different types of sexuality that exist, for we as a society cannot, in any way, ignore the sections that constitute it and contribute to it, for to have a healthy culture, we feel, it is important not to discriminate against anybody and not to deny their fundamental right to equality on the basis of their sexual preferences. Under this program, we try covering the following:

  • The coming out stories
  • The stories of self-acceptance
  • The stories of success and failures in career
  • Overall experience stories
  • The stories of the phase/stage a person is at/going though
  • Daily life challenges
  • Growing up challenges
  • Challenges at work
  • Challenges with the stereotyped gender roles
  • Ally stories
  • Issues faced by the allies
  • Definitions, classification and portrayal of sexualities
  • Identity dilemma
  • Interviews of the people from LGBTQIA+ community
  • Issues of heterosexual people with gender identity and gender roles
  • Physical and mental health issues related to sexual identification and awakening
  • Others

We invite write-ups in all genres under this program. If you wish so, your content can be posted anonymously. The write-ups should be emailed to

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