The Essence of A Language

I am writing this post just after having a telephonic conversation with a friend of mine which was about the complexity of the language in the literature as we do not use the proper form of linguistics in our routine lives trying to cut it short all the time. Eventually, I have been noticing Oh My God turning into OMG and then into OMFG. I really find it nonsense. What a disgraceful acknowledgement to the languages that rectify our personalities for the betterment! We are unnecessarily making acronyms on a regular basis and the funniest part is that we are doing it all aware. Most of the people I have talked to do not find any problem in this practice. They are all okay with this and they do not dissemble over the issue.

language_is_keyThe youth today is least interested in this matter that we are destroying the science and the beauty of the linguistics by doing so. When talked about, they draft it as a frivolous subject declaring the intellectuals concerned fussy about every related thing. Modification of the language by the course of time is one thing and destroying its dish is another. I agree that a language need not to be too viscous to any new adaptations in order to sustain itself. But simultaneously we must not allow it to lose its originality.

As a language travels around the globe, it is not the same structural set of the grammar that reaches back to its homeland. Movies from all over the world are the best examples. People with different methods of tongue-twisting pronounce the same language a different way. This is acceptable as it nourishes the very language and the originality is not lost.

One more thing that plays a significant role to feel the essence of a language is its vocabulary. Many of my friends argue why to bone up on new words when they would rarely be using them. True. But, the same friends find themselves in serious trouble while reading even a newspaper or Featured imagea just another technical textbook, thus proving the substance of their statement.

And now comes a major part; i.e. phonetics and word stress. People, generally, do not pay attention to the correct pronunciation of the words and this sometimes may lead them to problems. Many a times they do not get offered a job meant for them due to poor pronunciation. We need to understand the relevance of this part in accordance with the prevention of a language’s originality. It can be as a solution to this. Correct pronunciation helps a language to adapt itself to different accents with a relative ease and it welcomes new modifications as required.

This helps languages evolve better and makes interpretation easier and communication finer. A language does not feel threatened when spoken correctly and not shortened culpably, and feels protected when regarded with its ascribable pride. Languages serve humankind when served.

May we realize the importance of basic understanding of linguistics! Wishing you a good time! 🙂

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