Self-discipline makes introspection a habit

introspectionLife is long. It offers us a variety of learning experiences. Some are enjoyable, some are not. Whatever tastes us good, we happily accept that. Whatever does not please us, we tend to blame people, circumstances, fate and even the God for that. Despite the fact that our comfort and discomfort drive us to own or disown the responsibility of our karma, the karma remains to chase us. We reap what we sow. Whatever be the circumstances or the response of the people, the first cause of what happens to a person is the person himself.
The truth is in knowing that the cause as well as the remedy is within us and there is no need for searching anywhere. The problem is where lies the solution and vice-versa. We just need to explore a bit deeper in order to discover the better. It requires wisdom to understand this simple truth.
If we spend a little time on introspection everyday, many truths will be revealed. So also causes for the different internal and external ills we are faced with and the remedies too will surface. This introspection does not cost any money. A disciplined routine is all that we require.
Featured imageDiscipline, when evokes from within, can do miracles. It leads a person to a balanced life. It gives clarity of thought and action. It makes the mind more focused and helps an individual excel in all walks of life. This a one of the greatest virtues that a person, especially youth, should practice in life. Collectively, this becomes the strength of an ever-evolving society which can turn into a cultural fabric, thus lasting forever and nourishing the generations of the humankind. Self-discipline makes introspection a habit and helps attaining peace of mind. This is the key to a stress-free and self-governed life.
May we grow as self-disciplined individuals! We wish you a good time! 🙂

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