The tale of a dog’s tail

Let’s read a story today.

Once upon a time dogs used to live in paradise. They had a lavish lifestyle and a beautiful straight tail. Once a ceremony was being conducted for the Gods. There was huge pomp and cheer for the ceremony. All were busy making arrangements for the supper. Kubera, the god of wealth who had a palace studded with gems, gold and precious metals bore the cost of the ceremony. Gods like Brihaspati, Shukra, Mangala and Chandra became the priests to conduct the supper and Lord Indra was supervising the proceedings. Arrangements were made to distribute holy ‘Amrit’ for all. All were to be gifted with precious clothing after the ceremony. Pots full of butter were arranged in the store-room which was to be used for the Yajna. Dogs in heaven were acting as messengers of Gods because of their loyalty, fine eyesight and smelling abilities. The Gods loved these creatures a lot.

During the proceedings of supper, the loyal holy dog was given the charge of looking after the storeroom where butter was stored. The holy dog was adorned with a tilak on his forehead holding a well-carved stick in his paw and wore a precious piece of clothing. He was guarding the room, walking royally and  wearing a decorative wooden footwear. The holy dog was pleased to get such a responsibility and with pride he said, “Keys of the store are in my hands. I am the one who is in charge. Nobody questions whatever I do. My name shines all over the world.” Then with a cool breeze, the sweet smell of butter in the store-room tickled the nostrils of the holy dog. The aroma made the dog dance merrily and saliva dripped from his open mouth. Being irresistible, the dog thought, “Sweet smelling butter is here, taste it, and smell it on, my dear!”.

Then moving back to his real state, the holy dog thought, “These pots of butter are kept for supper. It would be impure if I put my mouth in it. It would be the greatest sin of mine. Suddenly an idea struck his mind. Cheerful by getting such idea, holy dog sang, “Clay pots filled with loads of butter, I shall not eat, and it would be impure. I will take out butter using my tail. Then eat peacefully keeping everything pure and fresh.”

With such a wicked idea, the holy dog entered the storeroom and put his long, straight tail into one of the pots. Unfortunately, his tail got stuck in the pot because of the butter. He felt as if someone held his tail tightly with two hands. The holy dog tried hard to bring his tail out of the pot. But all his efforts were in vain. Being helpless, the holy dog barked loudly. Listening to the sound, Lord Kubera reached the store-room at once. Reaching there, he saw a pot of butter had fallen with butter flowing outside rapidly. The holy dog’s clothes were smeared with butter and his eyes had become pale. The tilak of the holy dog was completely erased and he was puffing and panting. Seeing this scenario, Lord Kubera could easily understand what had taken place moments ago. The truth was revealed in front of him considering the condition of the holy dog. He angrily shouted at the dog, Featured image“You silly creature! How could you commit such a sin being the ideal of loyalty? How could you put your tail into the pot of butter kept for ceremonial purpose? You made the butter impure, you have made it unchaste! Today I curse you that you will not stay in paradise anymore. You will suffer and eat rotten food, waste on earth. Because your tail was straight, it could enter the pot of butter, I curse you that your tail will be bent. Whenever you eat butter, it will not be digested.”

Hearing the curse, the holy dog fell on the feet of Lord Kubera, but he was unwilling to take away his curse. He ordered the holy dog to immediately leave for the earth and repent for his sin. Only then his punishment would be reconsidered. Now nothing could be done about the curse. Soon the holy dog left paradise and came to earth. He was no more considered to be sacred. He had lost his access to heaven. He came to know that being disloyal in greed will result in lifelong suffering. The dogs on the earth today possess bent tails and they cannot digest butter. Moreover for several ages, they are repenting being disloyal and lead a life of unhappiness, suffering and disgrace.

“Alas! Leaving the heavenly abode, falling on earth’s garbage and dirt. Where has the beautiful straight tail gone? Now it’s bent with lots of bugs.” So people often say, “Even if you put your best, a dog’s tail will never be straight.”

May we possess the highest virtues of honesty and loyalty! We wish you a good day! 🙂

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