Beauty Lies Within – Stop Acid Attacks

I’ve come across several people who would keep on complaining about the way they look, and they would always want for enhancements or some kind of physical change. To me, it’s very surprisingly disgusting to wish for something that is totally unimportant. I see the beauty that lies within a person, physical appearances are secondary to me. Most people would think that this is more common among women but studies tell us that this is not restricted only in women, there are many men who would go to cosmetic surgeons to get an abs-spread and even chest-broadening techniques are quite in fashion these days. And I’m not the only one who thinks like this, there are many more people who would agree to me regarding this particular issue.

One such example, which provoked me to write about this is Rahul Sharan, who is a renounced photographer. He was the first who took the initiative to do his bit to spread awareness and look in inner beauty that lies within the “Acid attack survivors”. When asked, he said, “Their inner beauty reflects through their eyes as they laugh, chat up and pose prettily for a photo shoot.” The shoot by Rahul Saharan, featuring the acid attack victims is all about happiness, freedom, confidence and an undying spirit of these women who refused to let circumstances overpower them.

What’s more exciting is that these ladies are not just confined to with the photo shoot. Fighting all odds, they have now come up with a self-sustaining idea of opening a café. Located opposite the Taj Mahal in Agra, a brand new cafe is the latest initiative of the NGO Chhanv that has collaborated with the acid attack victims and supporters of the Stop Acid Attack network.

We need to look at ourselves, beauty lies within us. We all are beautiful. We should accept ourselves for who we are and then we can find new dimensions of what beauty is all about. Embracing oneself for who one really is, is the biggest battle that one is going through. Once we stop looking up to people for inspiration, we find our real identity.

May we become a better society! We wish you a good time! 🙂

#StopAcidAttacks Visit here.

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