Say “NO” to Child Labour!

#NoChildLabour #StopChildLabour #EducateChildren #DontStealChildhood

projectm-child-labor-boys-working-factory-machinesHave you ever wondered the little boy who runs about and gets your tea or meal at the roadside dhaba is a child labour? Unfortunately, India is among the countries with  the largest number of child labours in the world. Children are made to toil from anywhere between 14-17 hours in industries such as mining, textiles, firework factories, silk industry among many others. In urban areas, there is a high employment of children in the zari and embroidery industry. Most of these children are underpaid, malnourished, and their situation is similar to slavery. Indian law specifically defines 64 industries as hazardous and it is a criminal offence to employ children in such hazardous industries. An estimated 1% of all child workers, or about 120,000 children in India are in a hazardous job. A growing trend among the urban is to employ little children as the domestic help at homes. Most of these children leave home at a young age, thus being deprived of their parents love and their childhood.

INDIA-LABOUR-CHILDPoverty and lack of education are the major causes of child labour in India. In rural areas where there are more mouths to feed and there is a sole breadwinner, young children are pulled out of school and made to work. Even when schools are available, they are too far away, difficult to reach or not affordable. Parents also wonder if it’s worth all the trouble to send children to school when they can earn a few hundred bucks. But they forget to think about the future of their children which could be made better by the simple means of educating them.

tumblr_m5hy90PEZN1rtc0uzo1_1280The consequences of child labour are grave. These children do not get a chance at education, thus their intellectual development is hampered. Also, their bodies do not grow well as most of them are malnourished and work in inhumane conditions, which makes them less resistant to diseases.

child-labour-53042To keep our economy progressing, we need a literate workforce. The children of today need to be educated so that tomorrow they can contribute to the growth our economy. Parents in rural areas have to be made aware of the value of education so that they will send their children to school. Also, people who employ children as helpers need to be sensitised to the issues of child labour. Lastly, we need stricter laws in our country so all children read and write, and enjoy being children. Let us all make sure we make our little contributions so that all the children of our country are educated. We have thought much. It’s hight time that we act now.

May we let our children live their childhood! We wish you all good! 🙂

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