Introspection and Transformation

Most of us often complain about deficiency and impropriety by others and sink into a sad mood. But, are we thinking in the right direction and doing things in the right fashion? Do we really evaluate ourselves?

Featured imageIt is a human weakness to judge others and often find fault in others’ views and deeds. If we introspect for a little while, we may find many inadequacies within ourselves. If that be so, do we have a right to condemn others?

Kabeer has said –

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलिया कोय
जो मन खोजा आपना, मुझसे बुरा न कोय 

“This doha is about observing one’s own mind. Kabir says that he searched the world for the bad guy, the real evil person responsible for all the pain and suffering in the world, But he couldn’t find the evil person no matter where he looked. Then he looked at and critically examined his own mind, his own thinking process. There he found the real evil thing that lived hidden inside, and grew unchecked. All evil is caused by thinking, which is the action of the unobserved mind. When we accuse and condemn another, it is our mind that is doing the finger-pointing, the other person is probably innocent or the victim of his circumstances. Were we to inhabit the condemned person’s body, live his life, have his life conditioning, then we too would behave and act the same.”
(Translation Courtesy: Dohas of Kabir)

Introspection is a good tool to explore within and find out our own status with regards to values and actions. It also provides for corrections where they are due. Each one of us has to uplift one’s own self. Others cannot do it for us. When it becomes a collective action, it defines and shapes the society in turn.

Quality thinking and its reflection in our karma is very significant to lead a virtuous life. This is a practice which is passed on to the generations to come.

We need to transform ourselves. We need to mend our own fences before we talk of others. Instill this thought among youngsters and students, and we will be doing a great service to attain a life of choice.

May we address the need of change for good! We wish you a happy day! 🙂

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