How India represents the world beyond physical boundaries …

2013-03-21-images-DiversityTreeThe world did an experiment, it is called pluralism. Countries such as United Kingdom, USA and many others allowed foreigners to come, study and settle in their countries. You must be thinking that how anthropologist these countries are, providing scholarships to foreign students and then giving them jobs as well. Well, if we take a deeper look at it, it’s still a give and take relationship. Immigration is the need for those countries as average age and death rate increased it became impossible to scale the businesses to next levels. However, our focus in this post is more towards the culture and for the sake of not diluting the focus we would not discuss the business impact.

Eventually, these countries are discussing much whether pluralism is good for their culture or not. The native people of any country have yet not shown the gestures of acceptance. Even people with citizenship of those countries are not treated the same way as the local people of the land are. Yes, the government is not making any discrimination, however it all starts from the grass root level, the people, neighbours, classmates, colleagues are the ones who make the person feel homogenous to the society. When people come to India they get a huge surprise. How do people tolerate different race? India3Or for that matter, a different culture, colour, belief? This is where the strength of India lies as India is the only country of its kind. So much is there to explore in this small piece of land as compared to the whole rest of universe. After every 100 km, a new language with different dressing sense and festivals can be observed. If a person enjoys celebrating life, it’s a treat to live in India as he would enjoy more festivals than the number of days he would live.

Yes, challenges come and they hit harder on democracy as democracy is a very fragile and soft concept. Yet, India is the only country which backs pluralism. Look at the success record, a democratic country with all kinds of cultures and festivals celebrated at every part. This is where the core strength of India lies and this is what is needed not only to become a super power but to maintain it for longer than any other civilization as India represents the world. The rest of the countries represent physical boundaries.

There is no doubt that if life exists outside our planet, they would be interested in understanding India as this would serve them to prepare cliff notes of mother earth. Let us celebrate the flavours of India in our thought and in our action.

May we keep living with this spirit of India! We wish you all good! 🙂

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