Parents Deserve Respect and Love

Imagine the time when you were a tiny tot? Yeah! the days when you use to poop or piss in the diapers and your mom still used to clean it with a smile on her face! Now when you are going to be a parent (maybe quite soon), can you do those things with a smile on the face? Umm… I guess NO! We never give a thought to it as we are enjoying our life without thinking what’s going to be served in the future? We all are facing the change of lifestyle and thoughts. Nowadays, a 5-year-old kid playing with his iPad is not going to exclaim you more. Remember the old good times when you used to spend the whole Sunday with your parents listening to some retro numbers on that old Murphy radio, or having a ballgame with your dad in your backyard! Well, it may sound stale to some of you, but actually that’s how you define peace and pleasure of being a family. Suppose you are back to home after a tedious day and your kid (whom you call your angel) is welcoming you on the door with an expectation on his/her face that you are going to hug him/her. Are you actually going to hug? Featured imageI guess, No! Because you are going to hug your electronic gadget soon before you actually doze off. Can you imagine how bad it makes your angel feel? We hardly think about that now, right? Yeah, that’s true. Being grown up doesn’t mean you are independent or you can handle the family well as your father used to handle it when you were a kid. Your mother used to run to you when you sneezed even a single time and these days even if your parents are thirsty, you are going to retaliate rudely over them that actually churn their hearts into pieces, because they are parents. Your God! Are you able to become God for your successors?

That is a really big question to the upcoming mothers and fathers who might be now boozing or yelling on the road after having filthy parties. Just give a minute to your life or give a pause to what you may refer to as “routine” and think on which road you are proceeding. You will definitely get answers of all the happiness that you find missing. I am going to find my missing happiness. Are you coming with me to find yours?

May we be sensitive and  responsible! Wishing you all happiness! 🙂

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