Eyes Deserve Better Shades!!

I met one of my friends after a long time and thought of walking a mile with him. He saw a lady wear a short dress and he started giving sly looks to her. I got bit perturbed but did not react. After a few minutes, he started kicking a soft drink can with legs instead of littering it in a dustbin. After few steps, he started making some disturbing sounds and expected me to laugh. I still remained quiet. Then he started flaunting his Gucci shades and suddenly a car splashed water on him and then he exclaimed to me “Brother! See, people don’t have manners”. Featured imageI asked him, “Where were the manners when you were stalking a lady’s body? Where were the manners when you were playing with garbage??” And he could not answer me. I picked the can and disposed of it in a right place.

We feel the imperfection and voids only when we suffer from it! Getting a pair of branded shades won’t change our view towards life and people. It is better to get new shades for our thinking and mindset as old ones might not suit us. It is important to realize what we, as individuals, behave with our surroundings. What goes around, comes around.

May we behave responsibly! We wish you a good time! 🙂

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