When We Fail …

Featured imageThere is no law, which says that we will win every time. Canvas of history is painted with stories of heroes who failed, suffered terrible losses, got bankrupt or were defeated. Henry Ford, the founder of ‘Ford Motor Company’, failed and became bankrupt several times. The blockbuster Amitabh Bachchan went broke when his production house didn’t succeed. Gandhi failed, Abraham Lincon failed, Edison failed and so did Einstein, Walt Disney, Beethoven, Bill Gates and Charles Darwin. But they are still called heroes because they never gave up. What if they failed? They did, and they moved on. They lived on. They continued their work. They contributed to the humanity. Today we owe them for they did not give up.

Failure is bad, it makes a person question his capabilities, it shatters beliefs and dries the luxuries. admitting-failure-300x198But it is cardinal for success. It teaches one some tough lessons about one’s weaknesses, breaks assumptions and necessitates one out of one’s comfort zone. In fact, every failure is a success, which tells which roads do not lead to triumph.

If path A fails, there always exists a path B. So next time you fail, feel the pits for a day or two, but then brush up, dust off and resume the game, you still have a victory to conclude.

May we all learn from our failures! We wish you all good! 🙂

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