Potential of Youth : Education

Education is another resource which we have better access to when compared with our previous generation. The young generations, today, have a vast scope of being appropriately educated which is one of our fundamental constitutional rights too.

Education is the basic need for the survival as it makes us fit for the society. It is the primary tool to attain enlightenment. The number of educational institutes is increasing day by day. This is a positive thing. But we should and must ensure the quality of education provided therein too.

Featured imageEducation of the youth – both conventional and vocational – empowers the youth to contribute their part in nation building. This is a kind of give-and-take. Society educates you and you return the favour. Also, it is a continuous and never-ending process if we interpret it as the process of learning. It gives us an exposure to the world. It is one of the most prominent means of awareness.

May we all be educated to revive the status of our homeland as the land of enlightenment!

We wish you all good! 🙂

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