What your parents did was …

No, this post is not dedicated to today’s children, unlike the discussions popular in the present world about the children of 1980-90s, this post is dedicated to the parents of 1980-90s. Why? A unique thing happened in the history of mankind during this period. Such a large number of adult people thinking and investing correctly on their children. This is perhaps the best mass decision taken by any society. As a result of that investment and thinking, today their children are holding most important and challenging positions in the world. They could have easily enjoyed with the money they had, they must have enjoyed as well. But they chose to save money for the education of their children.

public-school-MM-1940x1287One must be thinking that that the writer of this article must be nurturing a deep love for generalisation. However, just for the sake of clarification this notion is far removed from the reality. In India, during that period, one could witness a spark in every parents’ eyes to provide the best education to their children. This has indeed turned out to be the best investment they could have made.

Who realised globalisation? Who realised the world as a global village? Who realised technology? Those who prepared their children to become a contributor in these upcoming developments realised it. What a vision! Yes, this post is dedicated to that generation of Indians who are more often criticised than rewarded. They might have done some mistakes but they made sure that the world takes their children seriously when they step into the office. They had a vision that India would be an even better place to live in and the only thing needed to enjoy the environment would be education.

Father kissing daughter goodbye in front of school bus

Many say that India is far behind in sports and entertainment. We easily provide a reason, parents. Indian parents don’t like to experiment with their children’s career in Sports and entertainment. This is true. However, another truth is there is an order of operations for a society to get matured. An uneducated society would not be able to survive on sports and entertainment. The base for sports and entertainment is prepared by an educated society. Today’s adults in a social gathering easily say that they would love their children to pursue a career in sports, unlike their own parents. The reason behind this bold decision of today’s adults is the base created by their parents who are now criticised without realising the facts.

The Indian society has matured and it would continue to mature further. This is an important sign for a culture’s growth and development. Again, this post is not only about specific people who had excelled and are popular amongst the masses. This post is dedicated to that vision which Indian parents of 1980-90s had. They are the true heroes who shaped India.

May we too turn out to be good parents like ours!

We wish you a good time! 🙂

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