Program Sambhāshā Launched

Dedicated with all its concern and effort for the Indian languages, Program Sambhāshā was launched today on Hindi Diwas. We believe that a language is not just a medium of communication. It carries a heritage of ages with it. It shapes the generations. It nurtures them like a mother. If we harm the language, it harms us on the double and that too without our knowing. Through the language flow in all the nascent energies that serve to develop us into an immortal full bloom lotus. Under this program, we want all the Indian languages come together on one platform. We organize workshops to support the use of mother-tongue and also encourage people to translate the posts available on the website of Samskriyā into their regional languages. This serves the language and also lets us reach out to larger masses. Moreover, we invite you all to contribute to the dictionary of Indian words by adding the synonyms of your language to this collection. This is our humble effort to bring the Indian languages closer to each other. We plan to develop some small curricula with reference to this base of vocabulary in near future to spread more awareness about the significant role of language in our daily lives.

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