Potential of Youth : Better Resources

Better Resources, in terms of money, education, internet, exposure and opportunity, are what our parents did not have as much as we do.

Let’s talk of Money today. This is the key factor to progress. You cannot achieve anything if you do not have this resource today’s completely material age. We enjoy whatever we want, we demand. Our parents fulfil our needs. They did not have it Featured imagelike we have. They struggled a lot. They are self-made. Let us learn from them. Let us use the money given to us in shaping ourselves and never waste our parents’ hard-earned money.

Now, at the same time, the youth are efficient enough to generate the money too. They know how to produce, how to recycle. we are skilled people. We are emerging as human-machines. We are creative. We have the support of our parents, morally and economically. This enhances our chances of growing at a faster pace. We have the attitude to grow and let others grow. And, mutual growth is the mantra of healthy businesses and excelling economies.

May we keep creating wealth for the welfare of the society we live in!

We wish you all good! 🙂

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