Know Your Weaknesses

Featured imageNo one is perfect, everyone has some weakness. Even the lustrous gold is not hundred percent pure. When we are asked in an interview about our weaknesses, most of us give diplomatic answers like ‘multitasking’ or ‘emotional nature’. Well, who wants to lose a job to his or her real weakness? Hiding a weakness is one thing, but not accepting a weakness or not knowing about our weaknesses is like walking blind. Our weaknesses provide us a great room for growth. Some weaknesses are permanent, but some can be worked upon. We can ask our close friends to point flaws in our behavior, we can ask our teachers to tell where we are lacking in our academics, and most importantly we can always ask ourselves if we are doing our best or not. Once we figure out our weaknesses, we should work upon them, ask our close ones to give their feedback and try to incorporate positive changes in our lives. It is a tedious procedure, but it is totally worth it.  It is hard to do things right, but right things should be done, for they are right things.

May we keep evolving as better individuals!

We wish you a good time! 🙂

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