Potential of Youth : Brilliance

Let us discuss the potential of youth today. The youth of a country decides its future as they have the energy to bring change. India’s youth has some tremendous capabilities. In this chain, let us briefly talk of them in coming days.


Brilliance is the foremost thing which is required to dream of anything. And, in this country of ours, brilliance is in abundance. We have young people who are extra ordinary in so many aspects. The most prominent amongst these is the technological arena where the Indian youth is mostly admired its performance. Other than this, we own amazingly creative minds amongst us. We have uniquely talented dancers, painters, folk and classical singers, photographers, sand artists, actors, mimics, sculptors, writers and poets, architects, designers and the list goes on and on. They are so distinguishedly gifted with their arts that wherever they showcase their performance, they become iconic. Our youth is our strength today.

Brilliance becomes more powerful when this enthusiasm is available with diversity. Now, this diversity is of two kinds. One, which we have already talked about, is of different talents. Second, it is the cultural, regional, historical and socio-economical diversity which we carry and share traditionally. This is a factor which we generally do not think much of. This actually enhances the creativity, adds to the dimensions of adaptability of an innovation. Very importantly, it promotes a healthy competition amongst us which ensures the quality of everything that we produce and, above all, it identifies our us distinctively in the world which is a speciality that only this country possesses and for which we have been known to the world for ages.

May we identify and promote our brilliant minds and provide them with timely opportunities!

We wish you all a good time! 🙂

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