Cleanliness : Abstract and Material (II)

cleanIn light of the previous message, let us continue with the thought of cleanliness in material perspective. We will talk of two outlooks regarding this. First is the hygiene which we all are and must be well aware of. Good care of hygiene and a clean atmosphere affect our health positively. All of us should take a personal interest to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. If we have a sound body, we’ll have a sound mind which will, in turn, enhance our working efficiency and lead to more work satisfaction and peace of mind.

Second is an extension of what has been said above in a much wider perspective. We must make it clear to ourselves that it is not just our house which is our home, but we refer to our country as our homeland too. And, much above this, we regard it as our revered motherland. Now, here is something paradoxical when it actually comes to caring for that very motherland. It is fine if we can’t buy ornaments for our mother, but it is shameful if we keep staining her clothes every now and then.It is our responsibility to keep our country clean. We can do it by following very simple things like not spitting on the roads, not throwing the waste outside houses, not throwing wrappers/tetra packs/cans/covers/plastic bags of edibles out of the vehicles. There is no harm in using a dustbin. If there is no dustbin around, we can always keep a small bag with us in which we can keep such waste for the time being and when we find a proper place to dispose it off, we can throw it away. It costs nothing but a will and self-motivation. After all, we will be set accountable for what civic sense we will carry forward and deliver to our coming generations. We need to be ethical, to respect our own distinguished selves.

May we grow as citizens with clean thoughts and clean habits!

We wish you all good! 🙂

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