Intellect Acknowledges The Roots

Being open-minded does not mean that we consider everything we don’t know about a superstition and begin to live in a denial mode originated from prejudice. Instead, we should open up our minds to research for the hidden logics and do some brainstorming.

Today the youth is very intelligible yet not quite willing to use this great instrument to develop as an intellectual tool too. Yes, India has had many superstitions for so long which came into practice with its civilization growing old and old. This had certain reasons also which we discuss some other time. Many reforms have brought considerably appreciable positive changes in the society. But this also brought a sense of disapproval of any and everything that originally or traditionally belongs to this very country and very unfortunately this dismissal is being done by us all, the people of this very country. Our conventional practices have very scientific and socio-psychological reasons to establish any fact.


People, who realize this, say, “Not everything is wrong.” And, listening to this sentence, others start withdrawing their attention. It should be said like “Just a few things went wrong.” This would give a different impact and the listeners will begin to pay more attention to what you would be going to say.

We generally do not want to listen to what is told about the glory of knowledge and prosperity of our country. It has commonly been observed that convent educated people are more reluctant towards this. But they do not represent the masses. This country is still survived by its “aam aadami” who remains what we know as “desi“. What we need today is that we must not cut off our roots, no matter whatever medium we have been educated through. It will then open us up to go around searching for the logics behind every practice or ritual or custom or saying. It will slowly shut down the closed approach of ours towards our own traditions.

Learning these things will also bring us our lost sense of self-pride or self-esteem. We, then, will not be hesitating to acknowledge and appreciate what we actually are and what heights we really belong to. This, in turn, will also help us grow our economy with a faster pace and will make it easier to deal with distinguished societal issues at all levels. Let us realize the strength of our intellect.

May we learn our country to learn our own selves better!

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