Revise Your Routine

We follow our routine. Getting up, going to the work, some leisure time with friends and family is all we do and care for. We fail to see that whatever we are, we are because of the society we live in.Yes, it is not just us who make ourselves. Many, knowingly or unknowingly, contribute their part to make us become us. Decentralize the way of self-realization and broaden the vision. Engage yourself in doing something worthy which is utile to society as your good deeds would really be lasting better than your etched name on your own pen.


We are humans. We are to live with others. We are to take care of each other. Until and unless we translate our concern into proper, timely and lasting actions, it does not matter how much we care for our fellow beings. Realization is important. Responding is more important. Make room for a revision of your routine and you would find yourself to be able to recollect your lost selves and the love that surrounds you.

May we all have a Responsible Social Inclination!

We wish you all good! 🙂

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