Thought – Action – Behaviour – Accomplishment

“Success” and “Failure” are the terms defined by your surroundings and circumstances for a certain status we got to achieve or not. But “Accomplishment” is what we learn all through your life. This is what we are designated and destined to gain and attain. It is not to be mistaken with the dictionary definitions. Every single day we learn a new lesson. Before going to sleep, we should make it a habit spending five minutes thinking and analyzing what and how we performed in the whole day and if it, by any means, was of some use to somebody else too or if any of our acts, if exercised with a little modification, could help a person in some need. We should take note of the answer received from our inner voice and try to implement it when we repeat the same sort of action in future. This is a worthy approach.

The power of thoughts leads to a sense of accomplishment when turned into timely actions with responsible behaviour. What and how our conscious performs or functions is the replica of our subconscious. Our actions are like the mirror image of our state of mind. The way we interact with others decides the treatment we should receive. This requires a system of improvement to be developed with a special provision of feedback from close friends and family as this basically is a continuous process of self-management. Our behaviour with others should be exactly how we expect it to be from their end. Goodness reverts.

May we be and reflect pure in our deeds!

We wish you a good time! 🙂

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