Big NO to Discrimination!

Youth, today, has the eyes to see the world as a system which should ensure equal fundamental rights to every human being. They are open-minded and free of old traditional biases with unhealthy and wrong practices. They oppose, deny and look down upon any discrimination on the basis of race, colour, caste, creed, language, nationality, region, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, tradition, food habits, age, physical appearance etc. and take a firm stand against them. They are better humans beings.

They look at the world with a very professional outlook which makes them free of unwanted mental shackles and help them excel and succeed. The only goal in their mind is just progressing and becoming better. With such approach, the young generations are advancing in every walk of knowledge. They are able to lead good lives for themselves. At a large scale, this adds to the task of nation building. If we do the tasks assigned to us honestly then we contribute our part for the great cause of serving the country. We should have this thought in our minds while performing any work which we are designated for. Coming together is the first step towards the goal.

May we respect the divine in each other!

We wish you a good time! 🙂

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