Knowledge is earned hard

No matter how complicated the knowledge be. It’s intended to simplify the life. We should learn it.

For last some years, a tendency has been showing up amongst the youngsters of India that they have been getting more inclined towards money. Indeed, money is required. But, shortcuts to achieve money that seem and try to lessen and threaten the appropriate and required level of knowledge will turn out to be dangerous for the society in the not-so-long course of just one decade. Such approaches reduce the respect of knowledge, knowledge-base and knowledgeable people. It is generally proposed, as an argument, why one should learn the complicated theories to waste one’s time instead of investing it in the direct practical implementation of whatever comes to the mind for the result is all about when you started in the race. And, here lies the key problem with this logic. It is not just about when you start in the race. Besides this, it is also about how you start and which manner you reached the goal in and what strategies you followed in the journey of that very race. Also, these factors become more important when we see that every walk of life is a race itself and very prominently they are interconnected (or parallel) at some point of their respective paths. This establishes the significant role of a blend of theoretical knowledge with practical implementation. However complicated be the path of knowledge, it must not be discarded. It is the greatest friend after all.

May we all be prosperous with the eternal knowledge that we all keep hold of within ourselves!

We wish you a good time! 🙂

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