Why manage anger..??

Anger is the enemy of sound mental health. It destroys the calmness of who possess it. It works on a principle very similar to one of the elementary laws we study in Physics, i.e. the Lenz’s Law as it always acts against the one who originates it. It can always spoil relationships and can even lead to maniac behaviour.

Anger causes damage to our aura. It makes us lose control over mind and rationale. Sometimes, it may lead to cruelty. This all makes us a frustrated person who cannot even take hold of himself/herself. As a result, we develop a negative persona within which destructs everything in and around us, finally leaving us stressed.

Patience is the remedy. Realization is the first step, and action is the second. Meditate regularly, just 5 minutes a day would do. Regulation of every emotion is required to have balance in life. We should not let anger overpower our wisdom. Be composed. Spread calmness.

May there be peace within!

We wish you a sound and calm mind!

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