A Sacred Thread and A Language of Wisdom

Today, on Shrāvani Poornimā, India observes a great festival of high virtues and a selfless bond between a sister and a brother. Festivals play a very significant role in keeping the society together. Relations are meant to be lived till eternity. They don’t die with the mortal body. They continue to live with your name. Rakshā-Bandhana is one such festival that rejoices the relationship of sisters and brothers to the highest degree. A day completely dedicated to the one you are brought up with sharing all your good and bad moments, to the very first friend you had in your life and to the one with whom you realize a very distinguished form of male and female relationships. This is a day that proves that blood is thicker than water.

May God bless all the Sisters and the Brothers in the World!

Also, on the same day, we celebrate a day dedicated to the Samskrit language as Samskrit-Divas. It does not matter if Samskrit is used as a spoken language in this country. It continues and will continue to be the only carrier of the rich heritage and values and authentic history of India. It is not just a language. It is a lifestyle. It is the most precious gift of mankind to itself in the form of a flawless linguistic system that involves every possible walk of life. A language that is based on logics and inclusive nature carried the entity of our great civilization for thousands of years but is under silent cultural and political attack or invasion. It is our duty to make sure that we do not become mentally bankrupt and faith blindly on every thought generated by western schools. Being modern is a different thing. Never mix the two. Try to learn at least the basics of Samskrit. Do NOT mock at who know and use good vocabulary of Samskrit in their routine lives. Do NOT abandon or cut your own roots. The whole world is learning from its vast texts. So we must make ourselves capable and efficient of holding what originally belongs to us and our souls.

May all of us Realize our Duty of National Revival and Respond to the Call of Time!

Wish you all the Best for the upcoming month of Bhādrapada!

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