Save Paper

Ever since humans learned the art of expressing in symbols and words, they looked for writing surfaces, starting with rocks, to bones, tortoise shells and bamboo slips. And when Chinese invented paper in 100 BC, the art of expression and creativity met a new dimension. Paper became an essential and most important platform for conveying and archiving, knowledge and scripts. When the art of paper making met engineering of wood pulping, the rates further went down and paper became easily accessible to everyone. But everything has its cost. As the demand of paper increased, the load on forests also enlarged. Two to three tons of tree wood is processed to produce one ton of paper. One tree yields 17 reams (8500 sheets) of paper.

With paper being so easily available on our desks, how many of us really think about our environmental responsibilities before taking an unnecessary printout, or before tossing an almost empty piece of paper in dustbin. Honestly speaking, none of us has that much time to think. But we should consider the fact that like crude oil or gold prices, someday paper may also hit inflation when there would be no trees to shed. Paper may also become such an expensive entity in some decades that our coming generations may not get to feel the touch of beautiful textbooks made of softwood trees.

We need to change our lifestyles a little and save paper. We can reduce the font size, or switch to a smaller font style in doing official paper work, we can use both sides of the paper to get printouts or we can use for rough work, clean side of waste single sided prints, we can recycle paper, make handbags from newspapers instead of purchasing fresh paper handbags, we can also read certain eBooks or emails on laptops or tablets and take prints of important one’s only. We should try to use paper from top to bottom for writing purposes and teach our kids the same.

Six billion trees are cut every year. Maybe we can’t save all of them, maybe saving one sheet of paper won’t make any significant difference individually, but one should remember that it takes drop by drop to fill up the pitcher.

May the Earth remain a Green Planet!

Wishing you all a good time! 🙂

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