A child in the heart!

A child is said to be the best creation of God. A child’s heart is pure, innocent and happy. We all were like that once, a long time back. We had a tension free life, we were always energetic and full of enthusiasm, we took risks, we believed in fairy tales and so we were optimistic, we had little expectations, less selfishness and more forgiveness, we were always curious to try new things and more importantly we used to laugh a lot.

But then we aged, we got so much occupied in this competitive world that our heart became corrupt. We started running after money, we became ambitious and selfish, we became successful and learned how to place a fake laugh on our face.

Things became worse when we got settled. We stopped taking risks, neglecting things that our heart liked, we carried the tension of maintaining consistency in our lives and our heart became passive.

What are we doing? What have we done to the child’s heart that was supposed to be the best creation of god? We need to wake the child in our heart, or a day will come when we won’t even remember which one of our last smiles were real. Let us make ourselves feel happy.

May there be smiles all around!

Wishing you a good time! 🙂

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