The People’s President: A Youth Icon at 83

‪#‎Tributes‬ to a Hero!

Yes, our very own Missile Man! This is how his name would be registered in history. We already know how this humble son of the soil raised himself from a small town child to be the First Person of the largest democracy in the world. Today, let us talk about a few things that made him the People’s President, why his sudden demise left the citizens of his country with a sense of personal loss and especially, what kept him so popular and respected among the youth even at the age of 83.

The life of Dr. Kalam is an excellent example of success and humility. His journey teaches us to hope, to dream, to work hard, to focus, to have a vision, to make things happen, to achieve, to remain polite. He was able to embody the Indic thought of life that made him stay connected with his roots and brought him closer to the common citizens of his country. No wonder he was looked at as a youth icon for he could reflect in what he practised that one is young not by one’s age but by the virtue of how one thinks and how open one is towards the change, of course, with an open mind that is able to learn, apply and transfer the knowledge.

May the essence of Teacher Kalam keeps guiding the students of his country, forever!

Wishing you a good time! 🙂

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