Introspection is important.

Today’s fast life does not allow us to think about how we really are. We do not have time to sit and give ourselves some time. We do not get to know what we actually want, how we should design an approach towards maintaining a balanced routine. This leads us to a stressful life and gets reflected in our behaviour with others. Lifestyle has changed so much that we do not have anybody to share our thoughts with. This poses a big problem when it becomes a cause of deteriorating health.

But the solution lies in the statement of the problem itself. It’s all about how we make a choice for ourselves regarding our lifestyle and how we manage our schedule to suit our professional, social and personal requirements. We can utilize our leisure time for some introspection. Once we start practising it, it becomes a habit. When it becomes a habit, it happens to us just like an involuntary process. Knowing about ourselves, as individuals and as a society, is very significant for it helps us drawing a conclusion with regards to our goals, short-term and long-term. Focus sublimates and binds together our diverse energies. Introspection increases our analytical abilities and facilitates the decision making. Let us all pay a little time and thought to introspection.

May we know ourselves better and stay virtuous!

Shubhamastu! (शुभमस्तु!) 🙂

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