Importance of Hobbies

Hobbies are really significant. They are essential not only for killing boredom or deriving some pleasure, but they are also valuable in developing one’s personality, making a person interesting and building self-esteem. Painting helps in developing patience and neat hand, reading builds knowledge and helps in developing new perceptions, sports make us fit and help in learning teamwork, gardening develops a sense of eco-responsibility, the passion of travelling makes a person wise by allowing to meet new people and gaining new experiences about , and the classic hobbies of numismatics and philately enable people to have a deeper understanding of the river of history.

According to Oxford dictionary, the word “hobby” is defined as “a favorite activity that a person does for pleasure and not as his or her regular business”. Sadly, most of us lose touch with our favorite pastimes as we get more engaged with our work and daily lives, trying to shape our careers. We need to realize what we are missing. It doesn’t hurt to have a ‘Dancing Saturday’ or ‘Baseball Sunday’ in our schedules. In fact, one may also get to meet like-minded people in the procedure. It may consume some of our precious time, but breaking a monotonous and machine-like schedule once in a while is totally worth it. After all, even machines need breaks.

May we spend our leisure time constructively!

Shubhamastu! (शुभमस्तु!) 🙂

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