A real story of two dogs

Friends, here are we telling a short instance today. There are two stray dogs in a colony. They were healthy and used to run after people, creating trouble for them. One day they met an accident and one leg of each of them go damaged. Now they are not healthy. But, people are still afraid of them. Why is it so? This is because they still stay together. They make a team. They think about mutual benefit.

The message to be conveyed is very simple. When we are a team, we should stand by each other. As a team, we back each other and make sure that the team sustains. This mutual respect, in turn, adds to mutual benefit. In a diverse society like ours, we need to keep this in mind always.

May we stay united, today, and forever!

Shubhamastu! (शुभमस्तु!) 🙂

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