Independence leads to the revival of energies

Friends, first of all, we wish you a very happy Independence Day. Independence is not just another word in the dictionary. It provides us with a free environment to grow with our true selves. It lets us discover the potential within and utilize it, individually and collectively, towards nation building. Independence makes us revive our beings and sublimate our energies to sustain it. Complete independence is when we understand our responsibilities too.

Realizing this, as the whole country stands together under the Tricolor at Red Fort today, we choose this auspicious day to mark our comeback with a new team and many new programs. All our humble efforts would be in the direction of serving back the society and the people. With your kind support, we are going to start many programs. Please stay tuned for the updates.

We wish you a very happy Independence Day once again. Let’s celebrate! Let’s respect our hard-earned independence!

May Mother India keeps blessing her children!

Shubhamastu! (शुभमस्तु!)


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